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Open your hearts to Florida Sun Photography on your special day. Endless opportunities await with amazing Wedding Photography in Tampa Florida and abroad.

Now, I’ve been told time and time again that I’m a master of the obvious, but my senses tell me that if you’re reading this page right now, there’s a good chance you or someone very close to you is getting married soon. So, without further adieu, let me be one of the first to say… CONGRATULATIONS!

If you’re a bride or groom-to-be and your searching for a Wedding Photographer in Tampa, I want to thank you for stopping by. I hope you find all the information you need to help you make a sound decision on choosing your Tampa Wedding Photographer. At Florida Sun Photography, we not only offer great Wedding Photography Services, but we offer sound advice and tips for Wedding couples to help make their journey on finding the perfect Tampa Wedding as easy as possible.

My name is Paul Rosado, lead Wedding Photographer here at Florida Sun Photography. When I began Florida Sun Photography over 10 years ago, I had people just like you in mind when I decided to offer Wedding Photography in Tampa and throughout Florida. Now, you might be asking yourself, how so? Well, if I’m not mistaken, this is what you’re looking for in your Wedding Photographer.

  • You’d like a Wedding Photographer that is trustworthy
  • You’d like a Wedding Photographer who is outgoing, fun and easy to work with
  • You want to make sure your Wedding Photographer has adequate experience and is not an amateur
  • You want to make sure you’re not getting taken advantage of by your Wedding Photographer
  • You want great pictures, you want them at a great price, AND you want them back FAST!

  • Well,... you're not asking for TOO much, now are you? To be honest with you,… you’re not! You should be able to expect ALL of these qualities and more from your Tampa Wedding Photographer.

    Your Wedding Day is all about you. There’s absolutely no question. And everyone you hire, including your Wedding Photographer should treat it as such and should be happy to provide the service with a smile.

    As a part of your Tampa Wedding team, our main goal should be to make you feel like the King and Queen that you are on this, your Wedding Day. O.K… so that sounded a bit cheesy, but it’s true! When we act as your Tampa Wedding Photography, we are at your beckon call. You want a specific picture taken at any given moment of the event? You got it! Need us to pull Aunt Sally by the ear to set her up for formals. No problem! It’s what we do (that’s sort of a joke). Bottom line, we do what we have to do, and we do it well.; Professionally, courteously, and always with a smile.

    So, if you’re looking for a Wedding Photographer in Tampa, or anywhere in central Florida, for that matter, give us a call. Better yet, call me directly on my cell phone at 727-808-5212. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

    I wrote this text to give you an idea of my true personality. Hopefully, you find it light and refreshing when compared to all of the other photographers you’ll find on the web. I’ve included a couple of package prices below, but I work with all budgets, so don’t hesitate to call to discuss what might be best for you. Again, CONGRATULATIONS! And no matter what happens, just remember, it’s your Wedding Day,… you might as well enjoy it!

    tampa wedding photography prices

    Stimulus Package - $1299

    Our economical package. Includes:

    • attendance at rehearsal (when available)
    • full coverage of ceremony and reception
    • unlimited candid photographs
    • unlimited formal portraits
    • online gallery to view and purchase
    • FSP trademark gift at reception
    • 1 - 24" x 36" canvas

    Supreme Package - $2499

    Includes economy package PLUS:

    • all high resolution images via Digital Download, color corrected, ready to print with a signed copyright release.

    Call today to save the date for YOUR Tampa Wedding Photography!

    * additional prints available a la carte. Traveling fees may apply for distant locations.

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    3. Florida Wedding Photography Tips
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    5. Affordable Tampa Wedding Photography without Compromise

    NEW! Affordable Wedding Photography on a Shoe-String Budget!

    We recognize that times have been hard and that it may be difficult for some to hire the best Tampa Wedding Photographer due to financial hardships. But, we're happy to announce that now you can get the best Wedding Photography availalbe and pay by the hour! We now offer Affordable Wedding Photography Services by the hour! Please, don't confuse Affordable Wedding Photography with Cheap Wedding Photography. With Florida Sun Photograpy, you receive the same professional quality Wedding Photography Services as our more expensive packages. So, if you find yourself on a tight budget, we can offer Wedding Photography Services for just your ceremony, those highly desired formals, or your reception!

    Our hourly Florida Wedding Photography rate is only $399 for the first hour and $299 for each additional hour. Each hour photography includes unlimited shooting. With each hour of service commissioned, you'll also receive 20 high-quality digital files of your choosing as a digital download along with a photo release allowing you to print your own cost effective packages. Additional prints and digital files are available a la carte.

    So, don't let money be an issue. With our hourly Tampa Wedding Photography rates, you can still get the best for less!

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    Affordable Florida Wedding Photography

    Florida Wedding Photography has become one of the most profitable services performed in the photography industry. With over 2 million weddings occurring every year, it's no surprise that so many photographers now offer the service.

    Because of this, finding a reputable photographer to perform your wedding photography can be a daunting task. It can be quite difficult to qualify a Wedding Photographer when most offer and promise the same or similar services. But one attribute seems to be a standard for separating the seasoned professional Wedding Photographer from the novice. And that is the price for services.

    Most well developed Florida Wedding Photography professionals are identified by high prices. And there's a very logical explanation for this. It's a matter of smart marketing, proven work, and word of mouth advertising, all of which lead to a high demand for such a short supply of service.

    Most weddings are performed on the weekends. Having only 52 weekends per year to provide the service, these highly sought after Wedding Photographers now have the ability to name their price freely, due to popularity. And most do. It can prove to be a very profitable business, indeed. Many of these photographers can easily gross in excess of $250,000 per year.

    On the other hand, novice photographers eager to break into the field of opportunities associated with wedding photography can sometimes under-value their services. This isn't to say that the services rendered will be of poor quality. It is most likely due to an attempt to improve their visibility as a viable source while building a solid portfolio.

    Where Florida Sun Photography Stands

    At Florida Sun Photography, we tend to fall in the middle. We believe in fairness in price for exceptional service. While we've been doing this for over 10 years and have earned the right to charge a premium price for our services, our motives are not driven primarily on money, but for a true passion of the art of Florida Wedding Photography.

    We believe that everyone deserves to receive the very best in services, without the need to pay inflated prices. Our theory is, if we're fair to all of our couples, word will get around about our exemplary services and we will become the number 1 wedding photographer in Florida. And our couples will call on us again and again for future services as their new Family Photographer.

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    Florida Wedding Photography Tips

    As your Tampa Wedding Photographer, we try to cover as many details as possible in our pre-event meeting. It helps us to do our job effectively and efficiently while providing you with an experience that's stress free. Here are some tips to keep in mind that will help you get the most out of your wedding photographer on your wedding day.

    A wedding can tend to be a very fast pace event. For a Wedding Photographer, our worse fear is to miss an important shot during the ceremony. And it's not something you can just stop and ask for a redo. Sure, we can attempt to stage the missed opportunity again after the "I do's" are completed, but it's so much better to get the action in real time. Besides, there are so many other pictures to take with so little time to stage them.

    As a Professional Florida Wedding Photographer, my job is to be as prepared as possible. For this reason, I make it a point to always attend the wedding rehearsal to get an accurate assessment of the events to take place. It also gives me an opportunity to voice any concerns or potential problems that we might uncover during the rehearsal. Lighting and flash settings can also be determined at this point, saving valuable time between the ceremony and reception.

    But more importantly than anything, it is important for the photographer to make sure that the Bride and Groom are prepared for the photography session as well. There is usually very little time allotted for the formal pictures after the ceremony, which is a bit ironic, as these can sometimes be the most sought after pictures that the bride and groom desire. So to make the most out of the time, here's a couple of things you can do to prepare yourself as well as your guests for what's in store.

    As part of my Wedding Photography routine, I have a standard set of formal poses and groupings that have been carefully selected through out the years, as well as a few trademark poses that I've created. These photos will be more than enough to commemorate the entire event, but you may have some ideas of your own. Perhaps a unique photo that you've seen in a magazine or in someone elses album.

    Tip 1

    Provide a list of Wedding Photography groupings or poses that you've seen and feel you can't live without. Even if they may seem obvious, write them down. This way, you can be sure that your Wedding Photographer doesn't miss any of those important shots. Include those unique shots that we spoke of moments ago as well, so that they can be covered.

    Tip 2

    Provide the names of the bridal party members to the Wedding hotographer. It's so much easier to get their attention with names as opposed to the commercially accepted "Hey You!"

    Tip 3

    Prepare your bridal party for pictures. Let them know ahead of time when the formal Wedding Photography Session will begin and that you expect them to be available at that time without having to perform a massive search. This will avoid any delays.

    Tip 4

    Be sure that the parents, grandparents, and any other friends or family members who are part of your Wedding Photography party are readily available.

    Tip 5

    Try to keep as many people away from the photoshoot as possible. Only those being photographed should be allowed to stay. Lingering individuals not involved with the Wedding Photography session tend to be a distraction as they are usually there to talk with people who are trying to get their pictures taken.

    Tip 6

    Avoid the use of other cameras. As a Professional Wedding Photographer, we invest lots of time developing and perfecting wedding poses. When we're performing our formal Wedding Portraits, and preparing the bridal party for the portraits, family members ohhh and ahhh over how good you all look. Before you know it, their reaching for their stealth point and shoot camera and clicking away. Try to avoid this at all cost by letting everyone around know that you have hired a Professional Wedding Photographer to take pictures and that the pictures will be available for them to view online. Our biggest concern is the quality of your pictures. If other people are standing around snapping photos during the formal shoot, stray light from their cameras can negatively affect the lighting of your photos.

    There are many more things you can do to make for a smooth photo session. But by following these simple tips, you can rest assured that you'll experience a Wedding Photography Session with nothing to stress over.

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    New Port Richey Wedding Photography at it's Best!

    If you're a resident of New Port Richey or Port Richey, Florida, and you've been searching for an Affordalbe Wedding Photographer that is cutting-edge, produces amazing pictures, while still offering Wedding Photography Services at an affordable price, then you're at the right place!

    Florida Sun Photography has been providing residents of New Port Richey Wedding Photography Services that are comparable to none. With over a decade of experience providing New Port Richey Wedding Photography for dozens of couples, we've had the opportunity to provide Wedding Photography services on the beach, in amazing cathedrals, and in our beautiful state parks. Whether you're looking for contemporary Wedding Photography or tend to favor traditional Wedding Portraits, Florida Sun Photography will produce portraits that will live in your memory forever.

    As a resident New Port Richey Wedding Photographer, providing Wedding Photography Services in our own back yard is what we enjoy most. We've resided in the New Port Richey, Port Richey area for over 20 years, and have established a Wedding Photography style that compliments our local surroundings. New Port Richey Wedding Photography has so much more to offer than some would even imagine. If you're having a beach wedding, there's nothing that can compare to a majestic sunset in one of New Port Richey's beaches. We've had the priveledge of providing New Port Richey Wedding Photography at Green Key Beach, Hudson Beach, Anclote Park and, New Port Richey's hidden gem, Gulf Harbors Private Beach Club. But we've also provided amazing New Port Richey Wedding Photography in churches across Pasco County.

    So, if you're someone who wants only the very best that New Port Richey Wedding Photography has to offer, look no further! Give us a call for a free Wedding Photography consultation. You can call us at 727-808-5212 or email us at info@FloridaSunPhotography.com. There's absolutely no high-pressure sales tactics involved. We prefer to keep things light and friendly. At Florida Sun Photography, we love what we do and so will you!

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    Affordable Tampa Wedding Photographer at it's Best!

    Your search for an Affordable Tampa Wedding Photographer is over! Welcome to Florida Sun Photography, Affordable Tampa Wedding Photography at it's best!

    Couples preparing for wedded bliss in Tampa Florida and abroad are looking to enjoy quality services at an affordable price during these fluctuating economic times. It doesn't matter if you're searching for an Affordable Tampa Wedding Photographer for a beach wedding, a contemporary wedding at a park or traditional wedding in a church setting - anywhere you can save is a bonus. For this reason, we at Florida Sun Photography now offer an all inclusive Affordable Tampa Wedding Photography package that won't break the bank.

    While we understand that we may not be the least expensive photographer offering affordable Tampa Wedding Photography services online, you can rest assured that what you will get is the highest quality wedding photography services from a photographer with years of experience producing amazing wedding portraits for couples throughout Tampa Bay and Florida state. And, at the risk of sounding boastful, you'll be receiving the services of one of the best Wedding Photographers that the state of Florida has to offer. Yes, this is a bold statement, but we're not in this business just to see how much we can bring in financially and to fill our calendar with sessions. Our passion is photography. And we work hard to continuously improve our skills and develop unique portraits that are exclusive to Florida Sun Photography. We're in this business to provide affordable Tampa Wedding Photography, without compromise in quality of services and with a style that is matched by none.

    If you're getting married, whether on the beach or in a church, call us for a free Wedding Photography consultation. There's no high pressure sales tactics used. We just enjoy sharing information to those who seek it. Call us at 727-808-5212 or email us at info@FloridaSunPhotography.com with any questions you might have or to check availability.

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